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"The preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth as long as there are unbelievers"


We warmly welcome you to our website in the name of the LORD.
Our prayer is that you and your children will abundantly receive God's love and blessings.

At Yonsei Central Baptist Church the word of God is central to our faith,
we are excited to serve God and fulfill the command of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

As the Lord loves us, we also love each other and teach our brothers and sisters the word of God so that we can live worthy lives hoping the Lord come again. We do our best to be the witness of Jesus Christ with the heart of saving others on earth through the Holy Spirit.

As long as there are unbelievers, we will preach the gospel of to be our Lord Jesus Christ, build His kingdom in all nations with all our hearts.

Yonsei Central Baptist Church
Senior Pastor  Seok-Jeon Yoon